Introducing the Launch of Krex Studios: Celebrating the 90s Era Icons

Krex Studios is thrilled to announce the launch of our first sub-division, dedicated to in-house production and content creation. To mark this special occasion, we recently produced a creative shoot inspired by the trailblazers who set the trends in the 1990s.

Our team recreated five iconic figures from the era, infusing each look with a unique Krex twist. The shoot aimed to capture the nostalgia and essence of the 90s, a period cherished by many.

We’d like to introduce you to the stars of our shoot:

Fifi (@fifitraore) as Janet Jackson, the socially conscious icon. We kept Fifi’s look simple yet elegant, focusing on the small details that capture the essence of Janet.

Iara (@iaraaclaudiaa) as Eve, the artist who used fashion as a form of expression. We went for a denim-heavy look to emulate Eve’s unisex style and over-the-top fashion sense.

Erah (@erahkings) as Hilary Banks, the fashionable and haughty eldest daughter of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air family. Erah’s look aimed to exude chic, bourgeoisie vibes, with a focus on impactful femininity.

Jay (@jaytoor_) as LL Cool J, the unconventional rapper with a funky and cool fashion sense. Jay’s look played with bright colours and chunky jewellery, LL Cool J’s signature style.

Keriann (@keriann_kay) as Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, the versatile and adaptable music mogul. Keriann effortlessly portrayed Diddy’s swag and elegance, two qualities he’s renowned for.

We ended the shoot with a recreation of the group styles of 90s sitcoms and magazines, adding a fun and quirky twist to the shoot.

As we begin our journey at Krex Studios, we aim to offer inclusive packages that cater to all your production and content creation needs. Keep an eye out for the amazing things we have in store.

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